P.I.L.L. Method International Introduces the 0% Interest Mortgage!

By Don Daniel
Founder and Financial Expert
The P.I.L.L Method

If the possibility existed that you could ultimately pay no interest on your mortgage and all your other loans would you want to know how? In this article I will give a quick overview of how we accomplish this seemingly impossible feat for our clients.

To get all the details and for a deeper understanding, contact us at 256.886.1867 and ask how you can turn your new or existing mortgage, and any other loans you may have, into 0% loans without refinancing and without sacrificing your lifestyle.

First, we all know that mortgage rates are at an all-time low…but having a low rate does not necessarily mean low cost. For example, a $450,000 30-year mortgage at 3% translates to a $232,999.20 interest cost over the course of the loan, that equates to a total interest paid as a percentage of principal of 51.778%! So that 3% figure could give you a false sense of security.

In the example provided I show how much is paid out in the first five years of this loan: the principal paid back is $49,921.48 and the interest paid is a whopping $63,911.72, that is a total cash outlay of $113,883.20!

The algorithms written into our online computing platform and with education provided by our team; we help our clients to manage their current budget. By following the prompts, they will know exactly how much money to apply, what month to apply it in, which day of the month to apply it on, and which loan to apply it to, so our program can calculate the optimum interest savings per dollar applied.

  1. The lenders are expecting a total interest cost of $245,866…in our client example we guarantee, using the PILL Method, this person will only pay $66,756 in interest cost to eliminate all of their debt by following our program, that is an interest cost reduction of 73%!
  • Because of our proprietary interest cancellation algorithms prompting our client as to what and when to pay, the interest saved will result in total debt elimination in 8.3 years! That amounts to 21.7 years saved! All this is done without sacrificing lifestyle.
  • Prior to the loans being paid off our Wealth Building Team will start working with our client to position them to start investing the interest savings from the paid off loans and the monies no longer needed to accelerate the payoff. We use investment vehicles that do not put the client’s principal at risk, and they can never loose any of their interest earnings! 
  • Their Potential Wealth Accumulation can be $1,665,545.00 using monies that were previously earmarked as amortized interest and loan payments. Thus earning enough interest that more than makes up for any interest paid to their lenders!

To learn more about the converting your current loan situation into 0% loans by taking your loan interest and payment savings and creating wealth building opportunities, contact us at PILLMethod.com and click on “get a free savings and earnings report” or call 256.886.1867 and speak with one of our dedicated staff.

To see the example that the article speaks of please go to https://thepillmethod.com/PILL-Method-Client-Example

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