Hardware and Software Issues and Scam Avoidance

Matthew Underwood, Owner of A2Z Tech Fix LLC

By Matthew Underwood
Owner, A2Z Tech Fix LLC

Technology in today’s world is critical to our daily lives. It could be a computer, cell phone, other technology to complete our daily tasks and keep in touch with the world around us. It is a critical problem when a unit goes down or begins to run slow. When this happens it means you are losing time and money to complete items you need finished promptly.

Hardware issues are usually related to the age of the unit and upkeep. Fixing hardware issues require a technician to come on-site and resolve. A2Z Tech Fix LLC works with our customers and local retailers to complete repairs in a proper and timely manner. If parts are not available at a local location and a third party online order is required then the technician can schedule a future visit to complete and resolve the issue(s).

Software issues are a whole different story. The goal is to keep your system up to date, secure, and free of any malicious software. We must recognize that sometimes through issues beyond our control this does not always happen. The devices slow down when too many programs are running or the software is trying to re-direct you to sites the software wants you to go instead. The startup and shutdown is often crippled because of unnecessary or virus/ malicious items running in the background. If you are online and get a pop up telling you your computer is infected and call a number to resolve the issue . . . DO NOT CALL! Try to “End Task” the browser or restart the computer (Call us if you have issues completing this). If someone has called the number on the pop-up and allowed someone on the computer and then told to pay and realized it was a scam, please report it to your Bank and call us to remove any malicious software left by the scammers.

The other type of scams that should be hung up on immediately:

1.) Someone calling stating they are from Microsoft

2.) Your computer has or had an issue or you are due a refund from “tech service”

3.) An account is compromised, you must reset password/ payment information

A2Z Tech Fix LLC is able to assist our customers with many software issues with our Remote Tech Support or over the phone with our Phone Tech Support service. Remote support is the best option because the technician is able to see what is on the customers screen when an issue has occurred. Please be aware that sometimes software does require an on-site visit.

Please visit us at https://a2ztechfix.com or call us at 256-640-9303 today!

COVID-19: Remote Tech Support & Phone Tech Support avoid in-person contact. On-site technicians wear masks.

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