Welcoming in 2021

New Year 2021 Candles and KN95 COVID Masks on light blue background
Susan Chipman

By Susan Chipman Susan Chipman
Realtor Legacy Agent
Huntsville Real Estate Professionals (HREP)

Can you believe 2021 is here!  January always brings in a little bit of hope, whether it is getting healthier, more organized in our lives or the year we take that special vacation. A new year is like a blank canvas to an artist. You get to decide how the year might be drawn out, with the understanding that flexibility is always required.

Since my service is helping my clients with their needs, here is a list of things I might suggest for the New Year.

1. Evaluate where you are in your life and what would you like to change.

2. If you need to downsize, begin with what you have and clean out what is not needed. Give away those items you will not use much anymore.

3. If you need to upsize, decide what would be ideal for the moment. More bedrooms, larger living area, an office to work from home, bigger yard, maybe schools for your children?

4. If you need to prepare your house to sell, remember clean and uncluttered are number one. Then tackle any repairs that are necessary to bring you the most revenue on your home when you do sell it.

5. Not sure what area you want to live? I would suggest taking a day here or there and drive around. Huntsville, Madison and surrounding areas are spread out. There are new developments everywhere.

6. Speak with a lender. Know what you can afford. This is very important and eliminates disappointment. If you need to work on your credit to get a better interest rate or if you need to pay something else off to have good debt to income ratio, do it.

7. If you have a loan on your home, what is your payoff. This is important when selling.

8. Work with an expert on what the current market is offering. This helps you to move forward with confidence.

9. Interest rates are low, which allows you to make smaller house payments or maybe purchase a bigger house.

10. Take a month, evaluate, and make your plan. Write down what you need to do and then divide it up, so it is not overwhelming. Keep your list ever present to see. Mark your completed tasks off and feel, good about your progress.

Call me anytime and let’s explore your options.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell please contact Susan at Huntsville Real Estate Professionals 7900 Bailey Cove Rd, email her at susanchipman1@gmail.com or call her at 256-682-2746 Susan is in the Service Profession and works closely with her buyers and sellers alike and becomes invested in this adventure with them.

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