Spring-Green Lawn Care of North Alabama

Patrick Rentz and Ken Healy of Spring Green Lawn Care of North Alabama

Spring-Green Lawn Care of North Alabama is a locally owned and operated company that is part of a national network, specializing in Weed Control and Fertilization services, Lawn pest control, Disease control, and aeration and overseeding.

Patrick Rentz, Owner, has over 30 years of experience in the green industry here in Huntsville and has been Landscaping and maintaining commercial properties since 1993.

Ken Healy, Operations Manager, has been a Golf Course Superintendent for over 25 years. Together there is extensive knowledge and experience that goes into the turf program that Spring-Green customizes for your particular needs. Here at Spring-Green we not only focus on delivering our customers a weed free lawn, but mostly on soil health and a nice steady supply of nutrients to help your lawn reach its full potential. No matter the species of turf, we can diagnose any disease, pest problem or nutrient deficiency keeping your lawn not looking its best.

We want our customers to have the best lawn on their street. We want to make it easy to enjoy a beautiful lawn without the hassle.

Spring-Green goes the extra mile by using only the most efficient weed control and fertilization products, not the cheapest thing we can get our hands on. By doing so, we reduce the amount of herbicides needed to maintain a weed free lawn over time. At the same time, we feed the lawn and the soil to promote steady growth that will produce a thick, lush, healthy lawn.

We offer the Preferred Plus program which consist of 7 treatments as well as additional services including tree and shrub feeding and care, aeration, lawn pest control, fire ant control and turf disease control. We determine pricing by taking an accurate measurement of the area of lawn to be treated.

Please take time to go to our website and request a quote at www.Spring-Green.com or call our office at 256-658-0052 we will be glad to come out and evaluate your lawn.

Let us help your lawn reach its full potential!!

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