United States Army Military Police Brigades

By Captain Mike Izzo
Training Division Commander

Huntsville Police Department The United States Army has fourteen Military Police Brigades; six of them are in the Army National Guard.  The 142d Military Police Brigade is the newest brigade to stand up on August 8th, 2020 located in Decatur, Alabama (1,067 authorized personnel). The first Brigade Commander is Michael A Izzo and the Command Sergeants Major is Michael S Smith.  The MP Brigade has two assigned MP Battalions and five assigned MP Companies from far North Alabama to lower South Alabama. The 203d Military Police Battalion is located in Athens, Alabama.

The subordinate companies are: 128th MP CO (Huntsville, AL.), 152d MP CO (Decatur, AL.) and the 1166th MP CO (Oneonta, AL.). The 231st Military Police Battalion is located in Prattville, Alabama. The subordinate companies are: 214th MP CO (Alexander City, AL.) and the 1165th MP CO (Fairhope, AL.). The state of Alabama is very fortunate to have a Military Police Brigade within their force structure. Military Police Protect the Force, Enable Maneuver, and Shape the Security Environment to enable Commanders the ability to apply maximum combat power in support of Decisive Action, Offense, Defense, Stability, and DSCA (Domestic Support to Civil Authorities) operational environments.

Military Police organizations provide law enforcement/policing, investigations, corrections, and security support across the full range of military operations in order to enable protection and promote the rule of law. Several units under the new brigade have already received overseas missions and missions with the states. We had units deploy to Wisconsin for the civil disturbances that occurred within several cities. Currently units are training and preparing for any upcoming missions nationwide.  We have a company deploying to CENTCOM as customs agents. Their primary responsibility will be clearing Soldiers in and out of countries while operating at the PAX terminals, Ports, wash racks, and CRSP yards in six different countries.

The Soldiers of the 142d Military Police Brigade are looking forward to serving the great citizens of Alabama and our nation. The National Guard motto is “Always Ready, Always There” and we will be. Our Brigade motto is “Blessed are the Peacemakers!” and we will always strive to keep the peace with our state, country and worldwide!

God Bless, COL Mike Izzo

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