A Fresh Model for Women’s Healthcare

By Women4Women

When Dr. Anne Marie Reidy opened Women4Women OBGYN in October 2017, she envisioned a fresh, new model for women’s healthcare, one that would be unique to the region. After nearly three years, our full service woman-owned OBGYN practice continues to lead the region in innovative women’s health care.

We are a practice for women by women. Our five providers (with a second nurse midwife coming soon) deliver top-quality health care in a state of the art, beautifully decorated clinic located in Huntsville’s medical district. Joining Dr. Reidy are Dr. Allison Warren, MD, Dr. Katie Harkess, MD, nurse practitioner Elizabeth Irby, and certified nurse midwife Tiffany Golub. We are proud to note that Tiffany is the first certified nurse midwife to deliver babies at Huntsville Hospital in over thirty years!

Our office was designed for you with its open, spa-like feel, reflected in its layout, colors and furniture, and the beautiful artwork Dr. Reidy has chosen to adorn our walls. Women4Women occupies the entire third floor of the Bryant Bank Building in Twickenham Square. From the moment you first step off the elevator to when you check-out, you will enjoy soothing color palettes, natural light and original artwork aimed to relax and comfort you.

Whether you contact our office for your new pregnancy, an annual visit, or perhaps for a particular gynecologic problem that requires immediate attention, you will be welcomed to our practice and given access to our patient portal through our website (women4womenhsv.com). The portal is a great way to communicate with your clinical team as well as to see or update your medical records.

Our commitment to the latest check-in technology means less waiting time for you. Closer to your appointment date, you will be sent via text message a request to download our proprietary app on your cell phone. Here you will confirm appointments and fill out all necessary forms for your visit so that by the time you arrive to see your provider, you will be ready to be called back immediately. No worries, however, if you do not have a smart phone or do not wish to take advantage of our app. We can check you in the old-fashioned way as well.

At Women4Women we believe that women’s healthcare is unique, complex, and multi-faceted and so we take a more holistic approach. We understand that the need for women to feel comfortable, healthy and their most beautiful is essential to their well-being. To that end, we offer services rarely found at other OBGYN clinics. For instance in 2018 we purchased MonaLisa Touch. MLT is a minimally invasive procedure performed only by pelvic floor surgeons. It treats vaginal dryness and itching, painful intercourse, and other symptoms all too common among peri or postmenopausal women (although younger women often have the same issues.) The technology utilizes targeted laser to gently stimulate and regenerate collagen in and around the vagina. Our consultations are free and do not require a visit. Simply call our clinic (256-759-9269) and let our schedulers know that you would like to discuss whether MLT is right for you. You will receive a call back from Elizabeth Irby, our nurse practitioner, who assists with the procedure and is a MonaLisa Touch expert. She will answer your questions about the procedure and be able to schedule your treatment.

Many of our wellness features include popular services traditionally offered only at med spas. We provide a full range of injectables, including Botox and Juvéderm. We have CoolSculpting for you as well, a non-invasive, permanent fat reducing treatment that can be done during your lunch period. Or you may be interested in skin tightening with our new Tempsure technology. This safe, fifteen-minute radio frequency technology firms loose skin on the face and neck, and contours the body, hiding unwanted abdominal stretch marks and annoying cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.

We are thrilled to announce that we have added a full-time aesthetics coordinator to field all your questions and discuss a treatment strategy. For more information on all our wellness services and products, call our office and ask for Krystina Berens or simply dial extension 106. Or you can ask to see Krystina or our aesthetician Felicia McCarthy on you next visit and they will pop in and say hello!

Our staff is our greatest asset. Our clinic team is led by RNs and medical assistants who work tireless for you and for our providers. They do the hard work to make sure those prescriptions are filled, medical histories are entered, and portal concerns are satisfied so that the provider can offer the very best medical care. The open concept of the clinical area allows for regular consultation between staff and providers and is an intentional part of the design.

As an OB patient, our nurses will become your best friend as they shepherd you through your prenatal and antepartum care. Women4Women OBGYN offers superior imaging so that you can follow the progress of your newborn. We recently added a second ultrasound machine and now offer 3D/4D sonograms.

For a busy practice, people often ask why we only open Monday through Thursday. The answer is simple: we are committed to work/life balance for our employees and part of this is a four-day work week along with a generous PTO package.

We regularly host employee retreats where we bring in speakers or experts to talk on a range of subjects that help mold our team into more rounded individuals.

For example, at the last retreat our speaker broke the team into four personality types: lions, monkeys, turtles, and camels! We all had fun finding out where we fit and learning more about each other. Once the Covid crisis passes, we will resume other social events, such as trivia nights at a local bar, or cook-outs at the home of Dr. Reidy. Happy, well-rounded employees are the best employees!

We hope this shows how unique Women4Women OBGYN is in the world of women’s health. In the end though, seeing is believing. We invite you to stop by and see our clinic and meet some of our wonderful staff!

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