IMP Huntsville and Huntsville Arts Week

By Susan Stricklin- IMP Huntsville IMPHuntsville is delighted to join ArtsHuntsville in celebrating Huntsville Arts Week, October 17-25.  Our contribution will be IMP Huntsville’s Villains of Broadway on October 18. Parking begins at 6:00 with performance at 7:00. What is more appropriate in the pre-Halloween season than a stage full of Broadway's most interesting villains? … Continue reading IMP Huntsville and Huntsville Arts Week

Parent Tips for Remote Learning

By Susan S. Askew, PE, CSEP and Rebecca Falcon, PMP, CISM, Black Swans Rising, LLC We’ve survived the first 9 weeks of COVID-19 imposed remote learning, have worked out most technical kinks, and gotten a “battle rhythm” established. Now that the crisis management of this new way of learning has passed, parents and students should … Continue reading Parent Tips for Remote Learning

The Value of Residential Design Services

By: Jerome McInnishArchitectH. Jerome McInnish, LLC The value and importance of your house cannot be overstated. It is the redoubt that protects you from the elements – the cold, the sun, the wind, and the ravages of storms. It provides you with a measure of peace, security and calm from an often hostile environment. It … Continue reading The Value of Residential Design Services