Meet Our Content Coordinator-Elizabeth Reich

Watercolor painting of three clementine fruits on a paper towel over a dark blue background

By Elizabeth Reich

Elizabeth has been the Content Coordinator of South Huntsville Neighbors for 4 years. Her role includes: editing and formatting contributed content, creating the monthly calendar, uploading the content, proofing magazine content, as well as collaborating with the publisher to find and create local content or add new sections as needed. Elizabeth has lived in South Huntsville for 20 years. Her husband Alton is an Engineer and serial entrepreneur who moved the family to Huntsville from New England, where Elizabeth grew up. Their daughter, Miranda, is currently a student in Edmonton, Canada focused on earning her second Masters in Biology specializing in Systematics and Evolution. Their son, Jon, lives in Madison and works at Gamers Paradise and enjoys homebrewing, mead making with local honey and the occasional wine from local produce.

Elizabeth and Alton currently reside in the Bucks Canyon Neighborhood where the wonders of the natural environment found on the side of a foothill are enjoyed. Their three cats certainly enjoy being serenaded by frogs, crickets and cicadas. Apparently their house once was home to a dozen (plus or minus) cats, but now it is home to Bubba – a Flame Point Siamese, Lily – a Snowshoe, and Khaleesi – a calico.

Elizabeth happens to paint nature that inspires her; occasionally she finds time to sit on her front porch doing so. She began painting in watercolor 6 years ago and now refers to it as: getting to play in colorful puddles to partner with the magical medium of watercolor interpreting the natural world. Elizabeth has had the opportunity to take lessons from local artists at Lowe Mill and Huntsville Museum of Art. Since creating her business LZBTH Creative Content in 2017, her art studio has been located at home.

Elizabeth’s style is often described as impressionistic and painterly, but if you take a look at her art on her website you will see she doesn’t fall into any one artistic style, but looks to capture the moment that caught her eye she wishes to share with others.

LZBTH Creative is about bringing the joy of the natural world to others through art one can have in their home, office, or with them throughout the day. She therefore offers art on prints and products, more at her website.

If you are interested in following her artistic journey her handle is lzbthcreative on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The photo, that’s her art piece Blue and Gold Starry Night in a 2018 Juried Exhibition.

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