2021 Mercedes GLA – Redesigned and Wonderful

Mercedes Benz GLA 2021

By Bob Druckman, Publisher South Huntsville Neighbors

There is always some trepidation when a successful vehicle undergoes a complete redesign. Is it as good as last model? Is it really redesigned? The totally redesigned GLA does not disappoint. The GLA is a sportier, sleeker and more personal crossover than ever before. With 4.5 inches more space in the back seat rear legroom is beyond adequate.

The new MFA2 platform (Modular Front Wheel Drive Architecture) gives the same front wheel drive feel as other Mercedes. The GLA has a 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder has 221 horsepower, improved from the previous model. It is also available in the 4Matic all wheel drive. It’s very quick, it’s eight speed dual clutch automatic transmission, has very close ratios without any dead zones. The GLA is plush and the ride is smooth and adapts well in most situations and the suspension has a definitive firm ride.

Of course, we have to talk about the technology. The GLA has seven inch screens standard and can be upgraded to 10.25 inch units. The new air vents are turbine inspired. There are no shortcuts in this model.

The GLA has all the MBUX infotainment systems and offers all the advanced driver assistance features; outstanding adaptive cruise control, lane centering and automatic lane change assist. It’s great to see these features enhanced on the redesigned GLA.

Believe it or not the GLA has a newly designed “Off Road Emergency Package” and it’s STANDARD on the 4matic all wheel drive. The off road mode brings power delivery and ABS activation for simple trail driving; Even better, there is downhill speed regulator that keeps the steep slope crawl in the 1-11 MPH range. The display on the infotainment screen shows the grade or incline angle.

When a customer sees the three pointed star on the grill in the newly designed 2021 GLA, let the happy dance begin.

Mercedes Benz The Best Or Nothing

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