Alternatives to the Traditional Tiled Shower (and expensive Quartz Countertops)

DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen Huntsville

By Brent and Sue Bailey, Owners
DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen of Huntsville

DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen of Huntsville continues to produce many remodels that include beautiful traditional custom tiled showers with mosaics, niches, heavy glass doors and top of the line plumbing fixtures.

While DreamMaker uses best practices for custom tiled shower enclosures, we have seen an increased interest lately in seamless solid surface materials.

DreamMaker is your local dealer and installer for “The Onyx Collection”. In fact, nearly half of our full and partial bath remodels over the past year have included Onyx showers or Onyx vanity tops.

Onyx products are proudly made in Kansas, USA with a “Yes, Guaranteed Forever” warranty. They have standard shower options designed to replace common tub and shower sizes as well as custom applications. Shower and Bath products available include:

  • Shower Pans, standard and Custom
  • Tub and Wall Panels
    • Gloss and Matte Finishes
    • Molded Stone, Subway and 8”x24” Tile with Faux Grout Lines
  • Matching Shower Seats
  • Recessed and Corner Shampoo Caddies
  • Accessories to accommodate Traditional Tile Accents.
  • Dozens of Colors

Onyx also produces lavatory tops with integrated sink bowls. Options include:

  • Standard and custom lavatories
  • Numerous bowl styles
  • Several edge styles and thicknesses
  • All have seamless countertop to sink transitions. Even if the sink is specified in white and the counter in something more exotic.

What makes the Onyx material so special?

The main ingredient in Onyx is Alumina Trihydrate which is a by product of the natural mineral, Bauxite. 37% is made from a special polyester resin that has been continually improved for the past 25 years. This formaldehyde free resin is what gives Onyx product a deep, translucent, clear appearance found in natural Onyx.

Is Onyx for you?

Products from the Onyx collection are traditionally less expensive than traditional tiled showers as well as quartz and granite countertops when both materials and labor are factored. A custom Onyx shower is typically 75% -80% the cost of a custom tiled shower. Not cheap, but most of our clients aren’t looking for cheap. Some are looking for the cleanability. Some are looking for a slightly more affordable option.

If you’re interested in product from Onyx in your bath remodel, please call DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen of Huntsville at 256-270-2211. Visit our website at or The Onyx Collection at

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