Is Okay Enough?

Colorful Pencils

By Richard Reynolds, M.Div., M.Ed., Ed.S. Executive. Director & Principal at Huntsville Achievement School

AT&T has started an ad campaign that states for one to not just settle for “ok.” The ads are humorous and eye catching to prove the point that “just ok is not ok.” We settle in many areas of life for okay and not for more than just okay.

One of the areas where we settle is in our children’s education. A parent will ask their child about their day and what they learned in school. Then when they hear what they don’t want to hear or something that raises questions they revert back to the answer “…it’s okay….” When we hear that other schools in our town are providing a subpar performance we revert back to the answer “…it’s okay….” When we hear that there is not enough money for our schools and a tax increase is voted down we hear the answer “…it’s okay….”

Education is the answer not just for today’s problems but for tomorrow’s as well. A few years back I sat in a town hall meeting being held by a couple of political leaders. One of them had just shared with the audience about the future of education in our state with the numerous changes that were planned. Then a parent asked “How long should all of these changes take…?” The legislator said, “It should be done in ten years.” Then the mother said, “Just one day in a failing school for my daughter is one day to many.” That mother understood that “just ok is not ok” when it comes to a child’s education.

Many have a fatalistic attitude when it comes to education believing that nothing can be done. Yet there is school choice and what some are beginning to call parent choice. School choice or parent choice refers to a parent getting involved with their child’s education looking for the best alternative whether it be public school, private school, virtual school, home school or even a charter school. Parents must move to a stand that “just ok is not ok” when it comes to their scholar’s education.

Is just okay acceptable for your child’s education? If not what will you do about it?

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