Finding Ways for Musical Theater to Survive

by Susan Stricklin-IMP Huntsville

Finding ways for musical theater to survive in these pandemic times has certainly been a challenge.  Not only does social distancing limit the numbers in a theater audience but the venues we use are either closed or so limited in seating capacity that there is no breakeven point.

That is how the Drive-In Cabaret was born. The building owners of our Studio have graciously allowed us to turn their parking lot into a performance venue. The loading dock provided the stage and there is no limit to the talent in our IMPHuntsville family. Some of our professional alumni have been home and lending their voices to these events.

We have successfully held three of these to date. Great feedback on these events has encouraged us to do more. You can bring your family, park and enjoy entertainment under the stars while safely maintaining “social distancing”. We have had the What’s Popp’N food truck available for your drink and snack enjoyment or bring your own picnic.

Here is the lineup for our next three events.

Aug. 9 – Best of Broadway – featuring songs from some of Broadway’s most popular musicals.

Sep. 13 – It Takes Two

It Takes Two….to tango….to talk….to SING A DUET! Hear your favorite duets (and solos) by some stage couples who have lifted their voices in song together in many great shows.

Oct. 18 – Villains of Broadway

What is more appropriate in the pre-Halloween season than a stage full of Broadway’s most interesting villains? IMPHuntsville presents a cavalcade of musical theater bad guys (and girls) whom we simply love to hate!

Don’t despair, though. We are looking ahead our return to musical theater productions.

As with any 501(c)(3) entity, IMP is funded solely by donations, grants and ticket sales, so please visit the donations page and help us out.

4 thoughts on “Finding Ways for Musical Theater to Survive

  1. Blumenthal Performing Arts, which is in Charlotte, promised the city they will return. The question is when?


    1. A lot of venues here in Huntsville are doing “drive-in” versions of movie showings, live concerts, and now musical theater. While it is not the same, it is at least a hopeful change that shows some sense of fun can be had in these unusual times.


      1. Blumenthal has seven venues. The square in Spirit Square has already opened- 25 people at a maximum and is virtual: for things like poetry slams. So technically Blumenthal has already opened.

        What is amazing about Blumenthal now is their weekly mask challenges. A musical from the upcoming season is chosen, and people have to make a mask based on that show. The winners get free tickets to opening night.


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