Education, A Powerful Weapon

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

This #newnormal has been called into being because of the Coronavirus. This #newnormal has been needed for years if not decades as we attempted to create a world that was new, vibrant and high tech, while we did education as it had been done since our economy was an agricultural one. How many of you recently plowed a field or planted a seed to raise a crop and not a backyard garden?

“Some of our kids do better with online learning thanks to fewer distractions. However, a large part of school is learning social skills, how to focus and prioritize, and a plethora of other soft skills. That’s something to remember for the future.: – Jennifer Smith, Teacher

BUT even though there is a #newnormal and everything is different since March 2020 there is still some basics that remain. For example, a basic that every child, especially in the early grades, does better in a group learning with collaboration and with hands on learning beside a loving, professional teacher. Also, there are examples that every child thrives in an environment where there is consistency and structure daily and not just once a week or once a month! There is also the principle that every day in the life of a child matters. We have seen all of these meme’s that say “no child is behind” as we have done distance learning this past semester from home and most parents understand that is as false as saying the earth is flat.

I encourage you to be ready with you and your scholars to experience the #newnormal. Let’s not forget the basic research that we believed before March 2020. Right now many parents reading this article will have a child that is going into the new school year at least a semester behind academically. Montgomery is coming out with new spectacular ideas daily but when we put them up against what research has said and common sense tells us we say “whoa…is this what I want for my child?”

Today take this article to stop and:

  1. Think how did my child do last year? Academically where are they and where should they be?
  2. What type of environment and schedule will work best for my child?
  3. What are my dreams for my child educationally? And:
  4. Will I allow a zip code determine how my child progresses educationally?

If you need someone to talk with call me at 256-539-1772 and let’s talk about what’s the best environment for your scholar to thrive and not just survive at this time in their life and the condition our world is in with this virus.  Remember all change starts with you! Then if you don’t like what you see in this #newnormal create the change through making sure this generation has a great opportunity at an education that emphasizes learning, soft skills as well as being the best version of themselves which is truly success!

By Richard Reynolds, M.Div., M.Ed., Ed.S. Executive Director & Principal of Huntsville Achievement School

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