Where in the World?

By Marianne Windham, Owner/Travel Advisor Windham Travel & Leisure “I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher Where in the world would you like to go? Where in the world have you been? Where in the world were you scheduled to go, … Continue reading Where in the World?

Finding Ways for Musical Theater to Survive

by Susan Stricklin-IMP Huntsville Finding ways for musical theater to survive in these pandemic times has certainly been a challenge.  Not only does social distancing limit the numbers in a theater audience but the venues we use are either closed or so limited in seating capacity that there is no breakeven point. That is how … Continue reading Finding Ways for Musical Theater to Survive

Things Every New RV Owner Should Know

by Kelsi Nuss Web Director Johnston RV Center Social distancing in the days of COVID-19 has heavily impacted the way we travel, leading more people than ever to choose RVs as their preferred way to see the world. At our stores, we’ve talked to an increasing number of new RVers who want to know how to … Continue reading Things Every New RV Owner Should Know

Mindset Will Be Critical

by Ms. Beth WilderBoard of Education Huntsville City Schools District 2 As a parent of a Huntsville City Schools’ student and a member of the board of education, I have witnessed our administrative leaders’ exhaustive planning efforts for the new school year over the last few months and under ever-changing conditions. I am impressed by … Continue reading Mindset Will Be Critical

Where do we go from here?

by Frances AkridgeCity Council RepresentativeDistrict 2 How is creating a vibrant city like rocket science, and more specifically, the discipline of systems engineering in rocket science?  In my opinion:  A) We have to know where we want to go, or define our objective  B) know our resources such as the budget and the depth of … Continue reading Where do we go from here?

Pet Sitting For Your Fur Babies

  With all the additional activities you may have, on your calendar this bodes the question “What about our fur babies?” Connie Glenn owner of Aunt Connie's Pet Sitting Service (formerly Affordable Critter Sitter) answers your questions about at home pet sitting. Tell us a little about your pet sitting background (qualifications/experience) Connie has been … Continue reading Pet Sitting For Your Fur Babies

Motorized Window Treatments for Smart Homes

The Smart home trend has picked up its pace. Motorized window treatments add immense value with increased convenience and comfort and, not to forget, a dash of luxury. Motorization allows you to operate your window treatments in an instant, at the touch of a button, anytime and from anywhere. You can even program them to … Continue reading Motorized Window Treatments for Smart Homes

Interest Rate VS Interest Cost

A Better Way to Eliminate Debt! Even if you have a credit score in the 800’s and you have what is considered a great interest rate on your loans; You may be among the many who are realizing that you are paying more cumulative interest than you want to. If I have just described how … Continue reading Interest Rate VS Interest Cost

Education, A Powerful Weapon

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela This #newnormal has been called into being because of the Coronavirus. This #newnormal has been needed for years if not decades as we attempted to create a world that was new, vibrant and high tech, while we did education … Continue reading Education, A Powerful Weapon

Celebrate Summer in South Huntsville

If this is your summer for a “StayCation”, you may want to think about spending time outside at one of these great South Huntsville locations. New Hays Farm Greenway: Huntsville’s newest greenway parallels the new Haysland Road and starts just south of Grissom High School. It’s part of the “Grissom to Ditto” greenway that will … Continue reading Celebrate Summer in South Huntsville